Direct Investments

We invest in small private companies with capable management, fundamentally strong operations, and strong track records that need capital and strategic counsel in order to “move to the next level.”  We may make direct investments to further a business strategy, recapitalize a business or fund growth opportunities.  Investments may be at various levels of a company’s capital structure and may involve minority or controlling positions.  We offer a non-bureaucratic and flexible decision-making process with a long-term investment horizon.

About Us   

3E Advisory Services seeks to add value to small companies by providing consulting services and, in certain cases, making direct investments.  We are focused on “small today, big tomorrow” companies that need advice or capital to help advance their organizations.

Consulting Services

​We help executives make better decisions by advising on areas critical to their businesses.  Partnering with our clients, we focus on strategic imperatives of the business that will lead to actionable decisions and value-added results.  Our primary consulting expertise is centered on:

  • Strategy – identify or refine a company’s ability to deliver a product or service to the market and then align people and resources behind that strategy.
  • Operations – pinpoint key business drivers and realign resources to efficiently and effectively deliver products and services to internal and external customers.
  • Internal Growth – enhance existing sales channels and identify new growth opportunities.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions -  determine strategic targets, conduct diligence and integrate into existing business operations.